Just got an email from the Ardbeg Committee. Apparently Ardbeg Day has been renamed Ardbog Day. To quote the mailing:

“It doesn’t take much digging around the internet to discover what Ardbeg is up to. However, here is the first nugget to emerge about what we can all look forward to on 1st June 2013 or – to give it its official title – Ardbog Day.

Yes, you read it correctly. Forthwith, Ardbeg Day 2013 will be known as Ardbog Day”

Any announcement concerning Ardbeg Day has my full attention, and as in year’s past, Ardbeg plans on releasing a limited edition bottling called Ardbog. Another quote from the mailing:

“Bottles of Ardbog will be available from 1st June 2013. And more details about Ardbog Day will follow in the coming months.”

Here’s an image of what might be the packaging:


June 1st can’t come soon enough

On a related note, I finally got a chance to open my bottle of last year’s offering, and it’s fantastic. I plan on sitting down with a glass soon to take notes.

For a full report on this year’s Ardbog day, click here


One thought on “Ardbog?

  1. An ardbeg with a Wooly mamoth and a t-rex on the side? I already must have!
    I’m a sales rep in U.S. and they are my favorite distillary.

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